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The SoundStage! Network's Speaker-Measurement History with the NRC

With the cooperation of Canada's National Research Council (NRC), in the year 2000 the SoundStage! Network began measuring and publishing objective measurements of loudspeaker products -- a first for online publications.

The NRC's legacy of producing accurate loudspeaker measurements goes back decades. Literally thousands of speakers have been measured in their facilities since the '70s, and they are one of the few facilities in the world with the resources and expertise to conduct such tests.

The NRC facilities have, of course, been continually upgraded and today it's a state-of-the-art laboratory that includes an anechoic chamber, reference-grade test equipment, experienced staff, and a standardized process that is used consistently for all products.

To-date we have measured more than 50 loudspeakers from around the world. The end result are measurements that we feel are a benchmark for the industry, and useful for anyone wishing to obtain accurate, objective data about loudspeaker products.

Speaker models measured
(arranged alphabetically by brand name)


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